Blueberry Chipotle Ale (Update)

As I get ready for The Great Brew Tour 2011, as I prepare to leave my family and trade Minnesota for Wisconsin for a few days, there are some tasks I need to complete before my departure on Tuesday afternoon. One of those tasks is to move my Blueberry Chipotle Ale along to the next step.

If you’ve been following the progress of my most ambitious homebrewing experiment yet, then you know that 2 weeks ago I added two pints of blueberries and chipotle peppers to an ale that already had chipotles added to the boil. Well, it’s time to get the beer away from all that stuff and into a clean carboy.

As you can see in the photo, the bits of blueberries and chipotle peppers are mostly floating up at the top. The bottom of the carboy has a layer of dead yeast cells and other assorted junk. There are some pieces if blueberry kind of hanging out in the middle, but not too many. I’ll filter this stuff out using a nylon bag when I move it over.




Here’s a close-up picture of the top layer of this brew in its current state. That red thing you see is one of the chipotle pieces. The rest of that stuff is mashed up blueberries that have been soaking in the beer for 2 weeks.

It looks kind of gross doesn’t it!?



Here is a picture of the beer after I filtered it and moved it to a clean carboy. I was hoping for some color from those blueberries. It didn’t happen. It’s extremely clear for one of my homebrews. That makes me happy.

The lovely Debra and I gave this brew a taste today. Not a ton of blueberry flavor, but LOTS of flavor from the chipotles. It’s hot stuff! Given, we were drinking this uncarbonated and warm, this was a really weird beer to sample. I can’t wait to try it when it’s done.

So now the beer will sit in its current container for about 2 more weeks. At that time it will be ready to bottle. We’ll revisit this again on August 15th.

The Great Brew Tour 2011 begins tomorrow. The best place to get updated photos is our Facebook page. The best place for our current location is our Foursquare page or Untappd page. The best place for updated information is our Twitter page and AGOD’s twitter (tony_godfrey). The links to all of our pages can be found on the right sidebar. If you find yourself in our area this week, please come out and say hi. We love to met new people everyday.

As always, thanks for reading!


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One Response to Blueberry Chipotle Ale (Update)

  1. AGod says:

    A little FD&C Blue #1 will take care of the color. You can call it Spicy Smurf.

    [tGBT-minus 18 hours]